A Camo PS4 Controller? Yes Please.

A Camo ps4 controller?

Imagine a camoflage patterned PS4 controllerthat is highly ergonomic, with a design that has built in grips, double vibration motor, touchpad, integrated light bar, speaker and 3.5mm stereo headphone jack that lets you take control of your audio experience.

The ADHLEK PS4 Controller has a lot of things going for it on top of the camo pattern. For under thirty bucks, this controller is a lot of bang for your buck, with a built in 1,000mAH battery that can fully charge in 2 hours, the wireless controller gives you more than 10 hours of play time and can use any micro-usb charger to power up.

The controlling distance is around 10 metres or 32 feet, with a built in 6-axis gyroscope combined with high sensitivity buttons that provide precise control and the best game experience for players.

It can also be used with PC games by following the instructions (namely a 2 step procedure that means you have to connect to the pc via a data cable then install the bluetooth receiver settings).

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