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I coveted this jacket when I saw a woman wearing it in a size small. We’ve taken an army jacket and reconstructed it so that it fit US. Medium weight 100% cotton with sewn on sequin kiss. We’ve insert double knit on the sides so if sleeves are normally too tight, you’ll have no trouble here. Some of our clients belt this jacket. I wear it over my favorite biker shorts with the collar turned up for a little attitude. Make it your own.

A camoflage jacket is central for hunting, but they also can be worn for going out. If you are contemplating for a camoflage jacket then we have a catalogue that I have chosen ourselves. I also have this awesome blog article that looks to help men choose the most suitable pair of hunting camo pants. We founded this website just because I simply love anything with a camo pattern, and we decieded wouldnt it be cool to have a website where you can just find anything from a fingerless gloves to pants. We especially treasure camera lenses in camo pattern because they are genuinely useful for animal photography. When hunting a camoflage tarp or camoflage nets is also important to maintain the furtiveness of your camp however because many wildlife use the sense of smell it is crucial to seek to manage the smells of your camp and your clothing.

In the days ahead I are seeking to introduce a array of self-produced products and items.

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