Choosing the Right Camo Pants for Men

Choosing the right Camo Pants for Men

Camo pants for men can be a difficult world to navigate. There are so many different types, materials, cuts and fits that its hard to know which one to go for. Whilst women have a lot of online guides on how to style and wear camo pants, there is little to help men! That is why I have taken the time to review each type of camo pants and give you a few of the best options in each one as well as some tools to determine for yourself based on the priorities you have (eg. comfort vs look).

camo pants for men

casual camo or action?

camo pants for men

Where are you planning on wearing these camo pants? If they are for casual wear, like hanging out in the house or with friends, then you might want consider an elasticated waist band and a more comfortable sweatpant-like cut.

Cotton or polyester?

Many people do not know the difference between cotton and polyester. Cotton is an all natural material that was first utilised by the ancient Egyptians. The things to remember about cotton & polyester:


  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Breathable

  • Absorbs Moisture

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Shrinks in the Wash

  • Wrinkles in the Dryer


  • Light Weight

  • Retains Shape without Shrinking

  • Fade Resistant

  • Moisture Wicking

  • Can Be Itchy on Sensitive Skin

  • Synthetic Material


If you are planning on getting some camo pants to help you hunt, what better choice is there than a ghillie suit?

Well I guess it depends entirely on how committed you are to the hunt, and what you are hunting.

Let's kick off with our review of the hunting camo pants for men by categorising them by their suitability for hunting

hunting camo pants for men


The Sitka brand are synonymous with hunting. Durable and extremly well designed, you can tell that they were made by hunters for hunters. The material is extremly durable and all kinds of stains just wash right out of it, from blood to mud. If money is no object, then check out these bad boys:


The Sitka Fanatic Bib is the ultimate in hunting camo pants for men. Ultra silent by design it has advanced sound-suppressing fabric, with super silent pocket technology and extremely well thought out design. In addition, it is super warm, with Gore-Tex Infinium and Windstopper technology that provides a 100% windproof sense of warmth and traps body heat extremly well.

The Sitka Dakota Camo Pant for Men is desigend for waterfolwers hunting from the middle to the end of the season. This is a durable outer layer that is also cozy enough to be worn as a middle layer when the real winter cold kicks in. Priced at around half the price of the Fanatic Bib, it is a more affordable option whilst still a high quality item that is rated 5* on platforms like Amazon shopping.

$127.00 to $175.00

The Sitka Men's Lightweight Hunting Camouflage Traverse Pant is one of the more affordable hunting camo pants for men. It still benefits from the massively in-depth design, including 4 way stretch, multiple pockets with meshed cargo pockets. The pants have durable double reinforced knife anchor points on each hand pocket, using premium YKK zippers, designed for minimal layering so you can use it early in the season or as part of a multi-layered outfit.


When I think casual I think comfortable. If you are the same then these first 4 camo pants are for you. Elasticated and with a high percentage of cotton in the mix, these are 4 of my personal favourites:



Whilst cotton is less durable than artificial fabrics like mixed polyester blends, old is gold and cotton has been one of the most comfortable materials since the beginning of human civilisation. These 4 camo pants are 100% Cotton:



Polyester is an artificial fabric that is a by-product of the petrochemical industry. This great fabric is more durable than cotton, colors do not fade and it is moisture wicking. The blended fabrics that make use of polyester (including in our list) are also lighter in weight and can be more effective in low-temperature conditions.

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