There’s Nothing Like A Sistah Camo Jacket – There’s Nothing Like a Sistah / XL

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Camo Jacket True to Size Stretch Graphic Writing 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex Whether you’re proud to be a sistah or chasing those bands, we know you have Camo Fever Sis! Go ahead and rock it! Rock it with your favorite sweats or your favorite jeans! You’ll love having this conversation piece in your wardrobe. Model is 5’3” 150lbs wearing a Medium

A camoflage jacket is pivotal for hunting, but they also can be worn for going out. If you are considering for a camoflage parka then we have a selection that I have examined. I also have this awesome blog page that seeks to help men choose the most suitable pair of hunting camo pants. I started this website just because we collect anything with a camo pattern, and we decieded it would be cool to have a site where you can just find anything from a crayons to mobile phone covers. We especially prize camera lenses in camoflage because they are honestly handy for animal photography. When hunting a camoflage tarp or camo netting is also conducive to maintain the furtiveness of your camp however because the majority of animals use the sense of smell it is more utilitarian to try to limit the smells of your camp and your clothing.

In the future we are trying to introduce a assortment of self-produced products and items.

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